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Being Prepared is Half the Battle

Scientists predict a rough future for us resulting from the harmful effects of global warming. Major storms are supposed to come more frequent and at greater intensity. We might be witnessing this already as we experience more hurricanes and tornadoes every year during odd times of the year. Though it might be too late for us to reverse the damage humans have done to speed up the warming process, it is not too late for building management to prepare for such catastrophes. In the past, people relocated to areas where they never experienced the natural disasters that come with that area. When a natural disaster like a tornado occurred, people would rely on building management for direction.

Nowadays, certain natural disasters are no longer prone to certain regions. They are prone to all area. So building management needs to know what to do during any kind of disaster.

They are the leader of the building and tenants will look to them for their safety. Knowledge alone can save lives. There are many reasons building management needs to keep an eye on the weather. For one, they want to know if they are shoveling snow tomorrow. But more important, building management needs to be prepared for the worst. Knowing ahead that a storm system is on its way lets building management to take precautions.

He can warn tenants and tell them where to go during a natural disaster. It is also a time to take inventory and prepare an emergency supply kit. Though these precautions should be done much earlier, it should be done again as a reminder and a way to double check safety systems. Building management can get the weather updates the old fashion way, by television or radio. However, the most modern way, using the internet, building management can look up weather anytime he wants.

When the city alarm goes off, it means hurry up, get everyone to safety. Building management should have a designated area where everyone can take shelter. Usually this place is below ground like a basement.

If a basement is not available then find a place as close to the ground as possible and away from doors and windows. Closets and bathrooms make good hideouts during a tornado because they are anchored down with plumbing. It is important for building management to have a battery powered radio for news and weather updates during power outages. Above, it was mentioned for building management to have an emergency supply kit ready for natural disasters. But do you know what to pack in your emergency kit? Here are a few suggestions for starters: A first aid kit A battery powered radio with extra batteries A flashlight with extra batteries Food storage with canned and non perishable foods with a can opener Plenty of bottle water Sturdy shoes and work gloves The emergency kit should be stored in the same place where everyone is supposed to be taking shelter.

It is up to building management to make sure it is properly supplied and not out of date. Batteries have a shelf life for about two years and some medicines expire before that. Building management has more responsibility than just collecting rent and fixing holes in the roof.

He needs to be prepared before a natural disaster occurs. Preparations can save many lives including the one of the building management.

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