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CD Labels and That Voodoo Jive

Have you ever wished that you could make your own car? You know, have a little factory set up in the back yard next to the storage shed where you could just create the cars of your dreams? Well, for decades, people have longed to make their own albums, CDs, or whatever format they happen to take at the time. The only problem was, of course, having the equipment necessary to create your own CDs. But now, thanks to dramatic improvements in pricing and technology, people can in fact create and distribute their own CDs, without bothering with the hassles and contracts associated with signing with a record label. Of course, just like CDs made in the big factories, CD labels are an important part of the process - if you hope to fashion a respectable image for yourself and your label.

Oh come on now.no one really cares about the labels and packaging-the music is all that really matters! Yes, dream that little dream, my child. Packaging is a critical part of the entire business process - whether you are selling beer or peanuts. It is the visual presentation that first draws us to any new product, just as it is physical attraction the first piques our interest in a lover. And yes, the packaging may have nothing at all to do with the actual product - just as looks can be very deceiving.

Still, there are thousands of products whose packaging costs more than the item packaged. Without proper packaging and a professional presentation, the best idea, product, or CD on the planet will likely go unnoticed. But a person is going to look at CD labels for two seconds and then push play.why waste money on the label? You make a very logical case - but that is precisely the point! People do not buy things because of logic; they buy things to satisfy an emotional need or craving. Plus, music is an expression of emotion, and CD labels should give people a visual idea that represents the content of your music. Plus, if you are like me and a lot of other people, you read the CD labels and love it when they come with little stories, or even just the lyrics printed on them.

(I mean, honestly now - how many times have you had to check for CD labels with lyrics, because you heard a great song, but can't understand a word?) Well, what exactly do I need to put CD labels on with? Ding, ding, ding.we have a winner! Great question friend, and I am so glad you asked. What is needed to put CD labels on properly? A CD label applicator is what you are looking for, and there are several different brands on the market today. You are just teasing me now.tell me more!! The most logical reason for using a CD label applicator is to make sure that the label is centered on the CD.

If it is not, you are going to have some very, very irritated fans out there! When CD labels are not properly centered, they can cause the CD to be unbalanced. The best-case scenario is that your improperly mounted CD labels will cause the CD to become scratched and wear out before its time. Things can really get ugly if those poorly mounted CD labels cause the disc to spin into the digital reader, and damage your player. Also, most CD label applicator units come with software that will help you design and create your CD booklets, tray cards, and labels. With some patience, and a little imagination, you can be creating CD labels that will rival those produced by the "Big Boys".

Besides, you don't want to spend all that time and energy creating a great CD, only to package it as some low-grade product - do you? I didn't think so. Invest a little time, money, and effort into creating quality CD labels - you'll be glad you did.

Albert Medinas has developed and maintains the website CD Labels and More, which answers the most common questions people have about CD Labels. Please visit us at http://www.cdlabelsandmore.com today.

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